What is all the fuss about? Soxx for productivity really – Voxx what???

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OMG! What a productive night!!! Haven’t had one of those Divinely Guided Inspirations in a long time. Up ALL night editing my ebook, updating the website, compiling and editing articles … when did it become Saturday noon? Time to stop typing and get some sunshine! WHOOHOO!!!


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 Hmmmm… I suspect my ‘Transform PROCRASTINATION into PRODUCTIVITY’ Workshop has alot to do with it subconsciously, or maybe…

perhaps this insane excess productivity is because  I’m wearing my bright orange #VOXXSOXX. Orange is the chakra of creativity is it not? And VOXXSOXX are pretty incredible technology aren’t they!

But what if a NEW SIDE EFFECT of wearing this technology is being … “clear focused and uber-motivated”. And on top of that… no eye strain from working hours on the computer!! Holy Unicorns, If this is the result, I may never take these soxx off ever !!


Why am I so enamored with a pair of socks?

I used to prefer being barefoot, even in winter. They are in fact the first socks I have ever found to be comfortable, they have arch support that divinely cradles my foot, and they hug my ankles in a comforting way that is made to relieve plantar fasciitis pain.


I feel more grounded, stronger, more balanced, stability is enhanced … and my clients with MS and Neurological disorders say they are “strangely magical”.


The socks are just the medium that delivers this Newest Techno Advancement in pain relief history!!! The greatest thing since sliced bread!  


Science is such a miracle! Especially science that focuses on meridian lines, reflexology points, and the central nervous system … now you’re speaking my language here.


This is one such miracle.

Let me tell you a true story…


This is Oma, many of you know my mother.


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Ernestine is 91 years old and we feared that her independence was finally over.


She had started to fall regularly. We purchased a walker, expecting to follow with a wheelchair soon.


Paul brought over a pair of Voxx Socks and insoles to demonstrate how these could help mom. I was really skeptical but polite, after all Paul is a really nice guy, he is persistent, believes deeply, and he means well ….


Well blow me away!!! He did a very gentle orthopedic evaluation on mum.

Simple stuff, like:
1) brace your elbow, make a fist, resit me – she toppled over
2) hold your fists on your chest resit me pulling you over – a feather could push her over
3) same on the back – she had no more stability
4) stand on one foot – nope no balance (she is after all 91 years young)
5) hold a broom let’s see how flexible you are – twisting was ridged and painful


BUT WITH THE VOXX SOCKS ON SHE WAS SOLID! BALANCED! FLEXIBLE! and PAIN FREE. She could even stand on one foot without toppling over!!!! SHE REFUSED TO TAKE ‘EM OFF.


SHE NOW SLEEPS WITH THEM ON, TAKES THEM OFF TO BATHE AND PUTS THEM RIGHT BACK ON. She refuses to be without them. She is back to being fiercely independent and mobile, and LOVING IT!!!

I can’t vouch for what everyone will experience , but for mum it has made a world of difference!!

Is it time for you to get voxxed?


Here is a  4 min demo of Getting Voxxed  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yq3bzManyiE


Private Message me if you want to know more about this VoxxLife technology. We can do a mini orthopedic evaluation and see if they will make a difference in your life too.


If you want to know more, here is a 3 min Video Science behind voxx soxx https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oppWtLs8I2o


In case you are interested here are some of last nights inspirations. https://www.jessymorrison.ca/articles/

Vanishing Twin ebook will be published on website soon

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