Who doesn’t want to Transform their relationship with money?

angela At Transformational Tuesdays we meet each month to fill your energetic cup. When your energy is flowing so are your finances.

Think about this…you are energy, everything that has been created has a natural flow and when it operates in that flow there is no struggle.
* Dis-ease is resistance to flow.
* Debt is dis-ease and resistance to flow.
* Struggle is dis-ease and resistance to flow.
Notice a pattern here?
Struggle is unnatural, when we are in alignment with Source we are supported. So what is your bank account telling you about you “BE-ing in the flow” ?

What if money isn’t the problem? only your thoughts about money are!

What if you have an issue with receiving, eh? Receiving money, is a frequency …350Mhz … it is important to energetically be aligned with it to receive it.

STRUGGLE is a learned response that has been taught to us by

those who are themselves in a Trance of Struggle. This learned response is an INGRAINED UNCONSCIOUS HABITUAL PATTERN, a STRATEGY we use to live life even though it doesn’t feel enjoyable. It is a heavy frequency below 75MHz! When you are happy you vibrate at 350MHz. No wonder you feel pain – in your body, in your pocket book, in your emotions, mood, mind.

The challenge is, this pattern insidiously sinks into every area of our life – health, wealth, love, relationships, and more, like a virus, it takes us out.

Today we take out the virus itself, the meme running the unconscious patterns undermining us.
We are focusing on the alignment of (1) “Receiving”. Recieving the energy frequency of prosperity, abundance, provisions, including $$Money!”
(2) “Allowing” the energy frequency
(3) “Making friends” with the energy frequency
(4) and of course we will be Rolling in the $Doh$, that signature balancing workshop of Transformational Tuesdays.

Is it going to make you instantly abundant? Immediately fill your bank account overflowing? Not likely, although I can guarantee this group healing will bring you steps closer in allowing the awareness to making vibrational change in our lives.

When you are aware that struggle does not have to be your “normal” and that those that taught it to you weren’t living their life right by your definition anyway, then you can CONSCIOUSLY make the choice to not live your life by paddling upstream in “resistance”.

We will show you some playful energetic techniques that enhance your focus and your attention on receiving, on the realization that NOTHING YOU DESIRE IS UPSTREAM, you have permission to allow ease! Everything you want is in flowing DOWNSTREAM with the current. This means you do not have to struggle (paddle up stream) to have it. All you need to do is put your boat in the stream and let it carry you. In fact, what if you don’t need to paddle at all? Action is not always in alignment.


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