WIN One of 3 Give-aways!

My way of saying THANK YOU!!!!   

WIN One of 3 Give-aways!

I am so grateful to all of my clients because when you bring in your “issues” and “challenges”   I grow. I evolve as a practitioner and also stretch beyond my own limiting beliefs  as an intuitive. When one of you comes in to stump me, I go and learn more. (The learning  has been exhilarating and I love to share. It is truly like constantly learning magic, our body’s intelligence keeps amazing me.)


I love the journey I have been on these past 7 years in Barrie, in fact I would go so far as to say the fastest way to  personal growth is to open up your own business. So, thank you for growing along with me! Thank you for trusting me enough to help you develop your own inuition, and assisting in the healing of your body, mind and spirit. But I know I can do more, better but need your input.


As such I am offering you an opportunity to WIN a Complimentary Session, of either:

 90 minutes of Hypnosis  to eliminate your “bad” habits (Value $250)

60 minutes of BodyTalk  to release Pain and PAY ATTENTION INWARDS NOW (Value $125)

or a half hour of Reiki  for Soothing Stress Relief and complete Relaxation (Value $90)


All it takes is 4 minutes of your time right now to fill in this questionaire and tell me what’s on your mind and how I can serve you better, how I can help to make your life more vibrant, happier, healthier and more of what you want it to be. Or tell me how I have let you down and what I need to do so I can improve.  Click this link now please

Thank you! Results of the survey  will be announced August 31, 2013 and WINNERS will be phoned personally. Please feel free to send this on to your friends who could benefit from a session too, just in case they also want to enter to win.

Hey, Did you know: When someone you refer signs up for a package of 5 sessions you recieve a free session as a thank you? Yes, it is fully transferable too, so you can gift it to a family member or  friend! (Just thought I would remind you.)



P.S.  Upcoming workshops Teen Reiki Aug 11, Reiki Mastery Aug 17, Dare to BE You Aug 26,  with Jessy 705-241-8680
Beginner Hypnosis Aug 1 & 7 with Trisha Cuthbertson 705-730-2093 reserve your seat, limited to 8 participants



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