Winter blues got you down? Recharge with Reiki

Is this you?


Are you just beginning to peak out from under the melting snow? Need to recharge and gather your energy to jump into spring?

Come in for a relaxing Reiki session to detox from the hibernation of winter and re-infuse your cells with vibrant energy!  March Break Tune-up for that little something extra.

 …there’s an appointments spot available with your name on it.  Book here

Or if you are feeling called, take matters in your own hands … you too can learn to use Reiki for yourself


Just Kidding, there are no sledge hammers in Reiki, it is very gentle. But you must register in advance to join the workshop. (Min 4 students, maximum 10)

There is Reiki within all of us. During Reiju/Attunements, the Reiki Teacher awakens the innate gift to heal oneself, the healing power of your hands.

Reiki  has two purposes: healing and spiritual.

Your Reiki energy level after Attunements will depend upon your spiritual growth and development. Ego has no place in Reiki. The farther you are from your Ego, the purer you are as a Reiki channel.

Registrations being taken now for Reiki Level II scheduled for April 25th: (Prerequisite R1) Beyond Time & Space  ‘Soul to Cell’ take your Reiki to the next level, learn symbols, mantras, and how to send and receive at a distance 10AM – 5PM Investment $375

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