Are you Tired? I’m Not… MY SECRET


You asked:    How do I keep up my stamina?

As a healer it is important for me to keep my energy clean and high.

I do that by Walking-My-Talk, having weekly BodyTalk sessions and doing Reiki on myself daily… but wait, there’s more…


It’s not enough to just do the energy work. Proper nutrition is so very important too. Your energy creates your physical body after all.

 Yes I eat healthy, but with seeing 20+ clients a week,and running workshops, while being a single mom and being sandwiched with caring for my 87 yer old mother too… I still needed more.

I burn off a lot of my fat reserves doing “Energy Healing”, this is my passion and my livelyhood, and I do not want to burn out.

Last September I was introduced to a NATURAL product that is also commonly called the “Tree of Life” (because of its high nutritional content). It was introduced to me during a session with a client who flew in from South America  to be treated by me to avoid back surgery – which we did! (J had been diagnosed with an serious form of Shoyermann’s Disease,Shmorls Nodes and Scoliosis and was told to have very invasive surgery).

In 5 sessions we removed the emotional issues contributing to J’s “dis-ease”, thereby avoiding the need for surgery, but during one of our last sessions it came up that J’s body wanted her to ingest a local plant called a “Miracle Tree” Moringa Olifera – to eat the roots, leaves, bark, etc. so she could absorb enough nutrition to build and sustain new neurology and grow healthy bones. I was intrigued … so I started to research it.

Then by coincidence a local client who has been suffering from injuries from a car accident and tormented by terrible swelling of the ankles came in for his monthly BT tune-up – I always fold up his pant legs to gauge progress  – and what immediately caught my interest was the chronic edema in his ankles had almost entirely subsided! I have been treating him for a year, and although we have made great strides … his poor lymph circulation was vexing me, because of his lack of exercise and his refusal to eat any vegetables.

My mantra of “The body needs live food energy!!! (And daily movement!!!)” had until then fallen on deaf ears.  I asked him what he was doing differently, and he told me that he had been introduced to a new product called Zija Moringa Olifera, and in the three weeks

he had been ingesting the product  now  walks without pain! Oh yes another side effect; he now loves eating vegetables for the first time in his life and has the energy to go exercise! Wow! 

Now I was really curious.

More research lead to a Discovery channel documentary about it. The world health organization endorses Moringa Olifera they call it the “Vitamin Tree” and is planting trees around the world and teaching natives how to harvest, cook, dry, and utilize all its parts!It has such a high natural content of vitamins and minerals antioxidants and amino acids it is easily absorbed and utilized by the body. Read more here or watch the documentary here;feature=relmfu

 I love it – it’s all natural – it tastes green (as Zija it’s just dried leaves you add to water.

 My client in Panama has promised to bring me some seeds when she next visits!

Want more info? Click on this link to see more videos on the health benefits.

So that’s it. My secret on how I continue to stay tireless, healthy, and motivated… well that and regular BodyTalk treatments too.

“once the body begins to heal anything’ it can heal everything”.

What if all our ‘illnesses” are occurring because we are undernourished? (Yet as a population we are overfed – there is more ill health now than any other time in history – people  even our children are exhausted and unwell, sick and ailing!)

BodyTalk cannot do the job alone. You still need to give your body the building blocks to heal, and that takes proper nutrition.

Curious …  want to try some Moringa Olifera? Pick some up at the health food store, its powdered. Or look up a network marketing company called Zija (if you prefer that route)

or Book your “Pick-Me-Up” or “Tune-Up” appointment now  705-241-8680

Who else do you know that has been complaining about fatigue, anxiety, apathy, or tension and pain for months or years …and wants to feel peaceful lighthearted and healthy again and now willing to do something about it?

I promise I will take personal care of your referrals. Have them call Jess to relieve their stress, pain and anxiety, and get entered in April Spring Cleaning Draw too.

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